Planning Initiatives

Kaal Rock Connector

The City of Poughkeepsie engaged a consultant team in 2011-2012 to establish a vision and action plan for the city's waterfront, focused between Waryas Park and Kaal Rock Park, as well as the connection to lower Main Street. Below is a link to relevant sections that led to the focus on one concept that came out of the 2012 plan: the idea of a connection around Kaal Rock that would link Waryas and Kaal Rock Parks with a universally accessible trail. The Kaal Rock Connector Feasibility Study was developed by The Chazen Companies with financial support from the Poughkeepsie Alliance. The Connector concept was first presented at a public meeting in April 2016 and later to the Common Council in May 2016. Based on feedback from the public and the Common Council, a final summary report was prepared in May 2016.

On October 2, 2018, staff from the City of Poughkeepsie and Scenic Hudson presented the latest work done on the Kaal Rock Connector (PDF), an effort to connect Waryas Park and Kaal Rock Park with a multi-use trail. The presenters discussed the history of the project, as well as a more detailed and robust alternatives analysis that includes a visual impact analysis and other considerations. The City will continue to seek funding to complete the final design of the project and the capital dollars for construction of the project. Contact Paul Hesse via email with any questions.