Charter Review Commission


  • Peter C. McGinnis
  • Carmen M. McGill
  • Ronald J. McGaw
  • Jode Susan Millman, Esq.
  • Michael C. Petronio
  • Anne E. Saylor
  • Patrick J. Watson
  • Scott L. Volkman


The City of Poughkeepsie Charter Review Commission was established to study, review and recommend changes to the City of Poughkeepsie Charter and Administrative Code. The Commission is composed of a total of nine members appointed by the Mayor in consultation with the Common Council. Their role and responsibilities of the Commission include:

  • Review the current strong Mayor form of government and its success and challenges since its adoption
  • Study the operations of the City of Poughkeepsie in its full scope
  • Review the myriad responsibilities that the City of Poughkeepsie discharges in the course of its broadly defined duties
  • Determine whether the City of Poughkeepsie Charter and the City of Poughkeepsie Administrative Code shall be amended so as to create a more effective and efficient framework for City government
  • Recommend such amendments as may be necessary to facilitate the delivery of services to the public and to better coordinate the functions between departments and agencies of the City
  • Submit a final report, which shall include Commission's findings, conclusions, and recommendations for appropriate action to the Common Council

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