Planning Board

Regular Meetings


  • Robert Levine, Chairman (email)
  • Anne Saylor, Vice Chair (email)
  • Rosaura Andújar-McNeil (email)
  • Robert Mallory (email)
  • Marjorie Smith (email)
  • Sean O'Donnell (email)
  • Nick DeLuccia (email)
  • Brian Veltre, Alternate (email)

Board Administrative Assistant: Lori Garcia (email) Phone: 845-451-4263

The planning board reviews a variety of development-related applications, including:

  • Common Council referrals for advisory opinions
  • Façades
  • Plans for altering nonconforming uses
  • Signs (three-dimensional, marquee, neon, and electronic message display signs only)
  • Site plans
  • Special permits
  • Subdivisions

Planning staff attends all Planning Board meetings, and provides advisory and administrative support to the Board. In addition, planning staff ensures that all applicants comply with State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) requirements.

Application Review Process

Applications to the City of Poughkeepsie Planning Board are submitted and reviewed according to the following process:

Step One

*Work Sessions are temporarily suspended*  Please begin at Step Two

A potential applicant seeking initial feedback on a proposed project may submit a request to be placed on the Work Session agenda by submitting the following information to the Planning Department

  • Applicant name and contact information (email address and phone number)
  • Address of proposed project
  • Project description

Each Work Session will be attended by staff from all relevant city departments (Planning, Engineering, Building, Fire, Police, Parking) and representatives from each of the city's land use boards (Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Waterfront Advisory Committee, Historic District and Landmark Preservation Commission, etc.). Dependent upon the number of requests each month, each applicant will be limited to 15 to 30 minutes to present the basic concept of their pre-application, walk staff and volunteers through major components of the proposed site plan, and receive comments and questions from staff and volunteers. Applicants will be required to provide two full-size hard copies of the preliminary site plan at the Work Session.

Deadline: Last Tuesday of the prior month. Requests not received by noon on the aforementioned day will not be placed on the agenda.

Step Two

To be placed on the Planning Board agenda the applicant must make an official application by submitting the following information to the Planning Department in the required format as more fully described in the guidelines (Digital Materials Submission Guidelines):

  • Completed application form
  • Completed SEQRA Environmental Assessment Form
  • Natural Resource Inventory Conservation Analysis (if subject to SEQRA)
  • Site Plan
  • Elevations and renderings (if applicable)
  • A disc or USB flash drive with all aforementioned materials
  • Application fee

Deadline: Three weeks prior to the Planning Board meeting date.  Application packages not received by 4 pm on the aforementioned day will not be placed on the agenda. No exceptions.

Step Three

Planning staff reviews the application. If it is not complete or requires significant revision, planning staff returns the application with appropriate instructions.

If the application is complete and sufficient, planning staff will request that the applicant submit the required number of additional hard copies for circulation.

Step Four

The application is placed on the agenda for the next Planning Board Meeting, which meets on the third Tuesday of the month


The applicant should be aware that depending on the location, type and size of the project, additional reviews by State and County agencies as well as an extensive SEQRA Review may be required.

Also be advised, if the property is located in the Local Waterfront Protection Area, an LWRP Consistency Review Form must be submitted with your application.