City Administrator

  1. City Creates New Website Providing Insights and Easy Views of Budget

    The city has launched a website providing the public with easy ways to look at the approximate $103 million budget and its various components, as well as offering new insights on vital demographic information in the city. Read on...
  2. City Releases Housing Needs Assessment

    City officials have released a comprehensive study that highlights the challenges and opportunities it is facing regarding recent housing trends. Read on...
  3. Development Director Quinn Provides Chamber of Commerce With Update

    City Development Director Natalie Quinn provided an update Wednesday to Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce on projects that have completed or begun construction in the city in the last few years. Read on...
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The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the city and oversees day to day operations. Appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the Common Council, the City Administrator assists the Mayor and Council in reviewing and developing policy recommendations.

Additional responsibilities include working with the mayor to develop annual operating budget and the city's five-year capital plan and supervising all department heads in the city government except the City Chamberlain and the Corporation Counsel.